1. Acupuncture. There is some debate about whether this natural treatment for allergies actually works or not. Studies to this point have been inconclusive, but some people seem to think it works great while others find it more or less useless. In truth, it may depend largely on your particular allergies, the practitioner you choose, and whether or not you’re using other therapies in concert with your acupuncture treatment. But the only real way to find out is to give it a try. You should know within several sessions whether or not it’s helping. Just keep in mind that you’re going to get needles in your face, so if you have a phobia, you might want to seek other options.
  2. Ozone. Although treatments with ozone (O3 – an energized form of oxygen) have been in use since World War I, ozone therapy has only recently started to gain traction in the medical community. For the most part it is still used within the scope of homeopathic medicine, but even some western medical practitioners are[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”1078″ class=”myclass” align=”left”] beginning to see the efficacy of ozone, which imbues our bodies with oxygen at the cellular level, destroys contaminants like viruses and bacteria, and can be used to treat everything from infections to flesh wounds, speeding healing time. It can also decrease inflammation and bolster the immune system, both of which work in your favor when treating allergy symptoms.
  3. Immunotherapy. Nobody likes getting shots, but if you can receive a series and come out the other side virtually free of allergies, you might be more inclined to submit. Immunotherapy, or desensitization therapy, is a form of treatment by which you’ll receive regular injections of the very allergens that plague you. Over time, your body should build up a tolerance so that when you’re exposed in a natural setting, your body won’t react.
  4. Neti pot. Many people believe that this tiny teapot is one of the best natural options for treating allergy symptoms (that affect the sinuses). All you have to do is fill it with warm water or a saline solution, tilt your head over a sink, and pour it in one nostril and out the other. You’ll cleanse the mucus build-up in your sinuses, clear away allergens trapped there, and reduce your symptoms overall. But keep in mind that you will not “cure” your allergies by this method.